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Interesting plot together with Chinese and Japanese intervention in Calcutta of 1942-43, with ongoing world war II in a parallel world that only starts with an investigation of a missing person, the first case of detective Byomkesh. A twist turning ride of deaths and connections that leads to the vicious market of opium with an international link takes the viewer to a not too complicated, but a balanced crime thriller with a good climax. Calcutta of 1942-43 is very well created but don't know why the director did not choose the characters to perform in the Bengali accent, which is badly missed and makes all the characters underperformed. However, production design, makeup, and costume teams did astounding creations.

The beautifully perceptible effort made by the Lights and Camera department. You will not see a single indoor scene in the film without dramatic lighting which makes them go wow! and almost all the scenes shot outdoor follow beautiful compositions to capture the subject such as frame within the frame or use of shallow depth of field with foreground, subject, and background present in the frame. Each and every scene are very very beautifully and adequately shot. Seriously Wow!

Dibaker Banerjee and team along with the production of YRF gave us an obvious watch with a superlative cinema experience.

detective byomkesh bakshy full movie

Det. Byomkesh Bakshy! is the first film you should watch if you believe Bollywood only produces substandard films with cheesy dialogues, unnecessary romance, songs and a predictable storyline. Also if you love to enjoy movies that demand your full attention, and you constantly praise the creative cinematography, wonderful sets, superb acting skills of Hollywood suspense and mystery films. Det. Byomkesh Bakshy! is very much like Hollywood films in terms of treatment and feel. Though this doesn't mean it is a flawless film, far from it but if you are an Indian, then you know what kind of cinema you regularly get and what level of handwork the team of Byomkesh Bakshy has done. The first half is very engaging but the second half is not so much. I am no expert but i do feel that some of the scenes were unnecessary and the film would have been much more likable if some scenes were not unnecessarily complicated. Sometimes the pacing of the film is also off and dialogues spoken by foreign as well as Indian actors are just incomprehensible. So this mars the overall flow of the story in one's head and he becomes irritated. But the flaws are just 15% of the film, the rest is just dibakar banerjee at his best. The film is a good step forward for hindi cinema..A must watch movie.

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