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Gujju Movie CHAAL JEEVI LAIYE, well I am very lucky and proud to say that i have seen the transition of Guajarati movies from being sort of nothing to being very competitive to bollywood movies. Coming to the movie it is a rollercoaster ride full of emotions, at a moment you would be laughing and the very next met you would have tears in your eyes. It is that sort of a movie were in u would be expecting extremely funny scenes because Siddharth Randeria is there in the movie but for the very same reason you would be at extreme and high emotions. This movie shows you the real emotions between a father & son. One must always believe in LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST & that is the motto of this movie. Coming to acting nobody will be able to catch up Siddharth Randeria in this role, but yes other actors need to catch up a lot especially the lead actor Yash Soni. While watching him he reminded me a lot of Hritik Roshan in ZNMD. Aarohi Patel has done decent job. But Siddharth Randeria's image has completely changed after he portrayed this character. The story and direction is fabulous and so are the locations.

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One dialogue which has hit me the most and will always remain in my mind - AANSU TOH 1% PANI CHE ANE 99% LAGNI & basically this statement sums up the whole movie. It's a must watch movie & if possible go along with your father and yes I was lucky to see this movie along with my father.

chal jivi laiye gujarati movie download

Chal Jeevi Laiye Full Movie

After Best of Luck Laloo, I have seen many Gujarati movies and then I have seen Chaal Jeevi Laiye! twice. I can say that movie is excellent. Message is clear and applicable to every one. Some time the message which this movie need to give became boring. But this one is giving message on lighter way. It makes you laugh, cry and smile.