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A girl, Tessa, running away from home to escape from a forced marriage, finds herself in a faraway place in a dingy apartment filled with strange objects left by the earlier tenant. Despite the initial reservations, she is intrigued by the items all around her. Among the hoardings, she discovers a series of sketches and photographs which make her curious about the guy. Through the sketches, she tries to discover this mystery guy, who - like the breeze, seems to be all around, but cannot be caught.

With the girl, we also go on an interesting and fun filled wild goose chase, discovering this mythical man and his antics, through the people in his sketches.

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Dressed in bohemian outfits and totally unpredictable, he comes and goes as he wants. This quirky character seems to be on the run to experience life as it comes. Through a variety of interesting characters, we experience– the eccentric Charlie – who makes a difference to people around him, in his own little ways. Most of them don’t seem to know him except for a particular chance encounter, but everyone remembers him fondly.

We come across his crazy action of feigning his own death just to see the reaction of the people around him, his addiction to experiencing new things, his little magic tricks, his efforts to make true the wish of a poor woman to see a mermaid in the middle of the sea, his eagerness to experience the life of a thief which in turn makes him save a woman trying to hang herself, his relationship with his father and a bunch of old men in a senior home and much more.

charlie malayalam full movie download

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We along with the girl, start falling for the charms and whims of this lovable character. Knowing that Tessa is desperately looking out for him, he makes it all the more difficult for her, just for the heck of it.

Charlie - played wonderfully by the supremely talented Dulquer Salmaan, ignites that free spirit in us. He is ably supported by the rest of the cast. The movie is beautifully shot in some lovely locales and has some great songs. The song “Chundari penne” sung energetically by Dulquer himself is a stand out . Then there is the brilliantly shot “Oru Kari Mukilinu” which is just liberating in every sense.

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Charlie's loud yet hearty laughter seems to be still ringing in my ears – kindling that free spirit in me that is flapping relentlessly to break free, despite all suppressions. Like the various characters he meets, Charlie's boundless energy, noble intentions and living every moment to the fullest is totally infectious.

Finally crazy Charlie did manage to make me smile and definitely made a difference.

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