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DJ Afro Latest Full Movies Kihindi

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For the very best and latest DJ Afro Kihindi Movies from the year 2019, 2020 and even 2021. You can Download the latest DJ Afro movies and Series.
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He has become a household name with his creative skills interpreting movies from Indian movies to Chinese movies. Dj Afro movies have gained traction in Kenya as he uses humor and sometimes vulgar language to emphasis on some of the scenes.
He has gained a following with even the elite enjoying the well choreographed scene play interpretations. So exactly who is DJ Afro?

Who is DJ Afro

His real name is James Muigai, his stage name Dj Afro Amigos Aka Kimonda, hails from Nakuru county. What picked his interest into commentating is his love for action movies, according to an interview he did with citizen TV, a good action movie is not complete if it can’t be interpreted.

Top 5 Dj Afro movies

Although Dj afro has translated and interpreted thousands of movies we have picked some of the most popular movies. His skill now appeals to both literate and illiterate people with most people now embracing watching movies courtesy of Dj Afro.
  1. Mirchi

    Most Indian movies contain subtitles and you have to constantly follow the conversation to get the gist of the story. Well, DJ afro hindi movie collections are translated and all you need is to listen to his humorous interpretation.
    In this movie, DJ Afro literally turns this well articulated action movie into a great story you can easily follow and enjoy watching. He brings out the protagonist and antagonists in the movies to give his viewers a great experience while watching his movies. It begins in Italy, when a girl called Manasa runs into Prabhas and asks him to save her from goons chasing her.
  2. Bahubali (The beginning)

    An Indian movie with a touch of romance, action and thrilling storyline, over one hundred thousand views later seems it’s a favorite for many people. He has translated it into Kiswahili with a touch of kikuyu to make it even more interesting. It is one of the top ranking DJ afro Hindi movies.
  3. Magic crystal

    Cynthia Roth and Andy Lau, star in this movie, full of action and gun fights, DJ afro will amuse and entertain you. The movie is about a magic crystal which if left in the wrong hands will do more harm than good. With its high octane martial arts scene its action packed and will keep you glued to your screen.
  4. Jackie Chan DJ Afro Action Movie

    Jackie Chan is well known for his action packed movies with extensive humor, well choreographed moved and great storylines. DJ Afro takes his action movies a notch higher through his creative interpretation, using vernacular Kikuyu and Swahili, his emphasis on the scenes makes it worthwhile.
    Jackie Chan movies span from the latest to some of his old movies which he has translated from Chinese.
  5. Best Dj Afro Kihindi Movie Ever

    This is the most addictive DJ afro Kihindi movie ever. The DJ did a very good job on this one, take time to watch it and dont forget to shre with your friends and family.
    DJ Afro Kihindi Movies

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