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Lucky Dube was a South African reggae musician who gained worldwide fame for his soulful music and poignant lyrics. He was a pioneer of the African reggae movement and remains an inspiration to many up-and-coming artists. Lucky Dube's music is characterized by its socially conscious themes, which often addressed issues such as poverty, racism, and political corruption.

One of the best ways to appreciate Lucky Dube's music is by listening to his mixtapes. Lucky Dube mix mp3 download is an excellent way to relive some of his greatest hits and feel the power of his music. In this article, we will take a closer look at Lucky Dube's life and music and provide you with some great resources to download his mixes.

Who was Lucky Dube?

Lucky Dube was born on August 3, 1964, in Ermelo, South Africa. He began his music career in the late 1970s as a member of the Love Brothers, a local band. In 1984, he released his first solo album, "Lengane Ngeyethu," which established him as a rising star in the South African music scene.

Over the next few years, Lucky Dube released several albums that cemented his reputation as a talented musician and songwriter. His music was influenced by various genres, including soul, reggae, and traditional African rhythms. Lucky Dube's lyrics often addressed social and political issues, making him a beloved icon of the anti-apartheid movement.

Sadly, Lucky Dube's life was cut short when he was tragically murdered in 2007. However, his legacy lives on through his music, which continues to inspire people around the world.

 Lucky Dube Mix Mp3 Download

If you're a fan of Lucky Dube's music, you'll be pleased to know that there are plenty of resources available to download his mixes. Lucky Dube mix mp3 download is an excellent way to enjoy his music and remember the legend.

One of the best places to find Lucky Dube mix mp3 download is on various music download websites such as Tubidy, Mixtapes Africa, and NaijaVibes. These sites offer a vast selection of Lucky Dube's music and mixes, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Popular Lucky Dube Mixes

Some of the most popular Lucky Dube mixes that you can download include:

  1. Lucky Dube Best of Greatest Hits Remembering Lucky Dube mix by djeasy - This mix features some of Lucky Dube's most popular hits, including "I've Got You Babe," "The Way It Is," and "Romeo."

  2. Lucky Dube Live in Concert mix by DJ Lifa - This mix features recordings of Lucky Dube's live performances and includes songs such as "Different Colours One People," "Prisoner," and "Slave."

  3. Lucky Dube Tribute mix by DJ B - This mix is a tribute to Lucky Dube's life and music and features some of his most beloved songs, including "Reggae Strong," "Remember Me," and "Together As One."


Lucky Dube was a true legend of African music, and his music continues to inspire people around the world. Lucky Dube mix mp3 download is an excellent way to enjoy his music and remember his legacy.