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Sufna Ammy Virk | Full HD Punjabi Movie | New Punjabi Movie 720p

High on Emotions and Simply Stunning! In the Entire duration of the movie, I kept on "Smiling and Smiling and Smiling" The story is woven very beautifully around the central characters, 60% of the movie belongs to Tegh(Tania) and rest to Jeet(Ammy). I bet, one could not stop laughing whenever Tarsem(Jagjeet) and Bagga(Balwinder) appears on the screen, where latter has the caliber to make the audience laugh hysterically with his simple one liners in English. Movie concentrates on the theme that: "You can't get true love through spells, one has to endure lot of pain to achieve it". Jeet realized it with the help of Tegh who is Born to a Kashmiri Muslim mother and Sikh father but orphaned, yet knows the value of true selfless love, the one she reciprocates by making sure the boy goes out to study, work and get a job and not be an aimless lover, which he is till the time of the interval. All credit to Jagdeep Sidhu's beautiful story, superb direction, and melodious music of Jaani-BPraak is what makes this film stand apart. The Best of Punjabi Industry in Dramedy genre till now.

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A story beautifully woven across all types of emotions. It gives out clear message that Religion is just man made and the only thing that really matters in this Life is core Human Values such as really wishing happiness to others from the bottom of your heart without expecting anything in return from them And the movie vividly shows that Love is pure, boundless and eternal. Awesome direction and natural expression of actors. Wonderfully written and well sung songs like Ammi meri and others too.

I think with Sufna(First Punjabi movie i watched) and Qismat(heard about it, will watch now) movies, Punjabi cinema has come on par with other regional Indian cinemas like Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati and Malayalam cinemas. Mentioning only these cos i have watched them.

A loud shout-out to the Sufna Team. Thank you so much for such a wonderful film.

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