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Interesting part start with a confusing not with a boy go with his dad to the minister house where a unique incident happened the minister mistakenly kill the man who came to have for the "MLA ticket". Then there a twist happen somehow he got killed and then a new twist arise when the 15 year boy taken the blame if the murder of the man on him by saying " little children get less punishment".

dhruva full movie 2017 in telugu

After 15 years later a typical chain snatching scene where a gold lady(woman) sit on the bike with her husband and start for somewhere meanwhile the chain snatching group stop her husband for that they fell down. They do there snatch the valuable ornament and kill her husband thus shows a chain snatching scenario.

It revolve around the committed police officer but from my point it too revolve around a mad scientist using this "GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE " in harming the human race . it also revolve around the corruption and how the powerful businessman using the power to control our life indirectly. I said indirectly because it control our daily needy things either by hook or crook.

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