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Why did this movie get an A certificate? Its box office business was heavily affected by this stupid decision by CBFC. Nevertheless Desi Boyz is an amazing movie. It is enjoyable throughout and has chartbuster songs. I would certainly recommend it to those who love movies that show a strong bond between friends. Sanjay Dutt has given a special appearance in the film which makes it even more entertaining.

A lot of this movie is extremely silly, bordering on dumb, and yet I still found it pretty darn enjoyable, mostly because of Akshay Kumar’s ridiculous charisma. I would have liked more of the story to feature the guys doing silly escort things, since that’s kind of what I showed up for, and I wish the script had been tightened up a little, but there were enough charming moments and fun filmmaking choices to keep me engaged.

desi boyz full movie download

This is one of few rubbish Bollywood movie that I actually like. Akshay and John have great chemistry which is awesome. Just don't use too much brain and enjoy this movie. It is actually hilarious.

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