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Before I go on to review the latest released Hindi film this week I must tell all that I never reveal the story, the plot suspense, the real live dialogues or moments of the latest film because the viewer looses much of the fragrance of the film. I judge movies with a common man approach, dealing on their merits or demerits without being too harsh on its cinematic perfection.

A typically illogical romcom about a 50 year old UK based Finance manager who falls hopelessly in love with a sexy bartender who’s nearly half his age. The catch here is- introducing the new entrant to his big fat family in Kulu Manali, India. Situational hilarity ensues with the family disapproving of the liaison and some misunderstandings leading to more confusion and sometimes laughter as well.

Though there is nothing novel in this movie, the director has handled the comedy parts quite well sometimes stooping to slapstick as well. The running time of 134 minutes is quite long for an one dimensional plot like this, editing needed serious attention.

de de pyaar de full movie

The music is loud and bombastic and has that punjabi wedding DJ flavour except two beautiful songs sung passionately by Arijit Singh viz; Dil Roye Jaaye and Tu Mila To Hai Na, you can listen to these two on loop.

Ajay Devgun nearly sleepwalks through this role, even punches some goons to consolidate his action image but no wonder why he’s made to look like he’s got an eternal hangover. Rakulpreet has that vintage Sridevi appeal inclusive of cosmetically enhanced features. Veteran Alok Nath as the grumpy dad gets some good one liners and poor Jimmy Shergill is yet again typecast as the forever waiting groom. Javed Jaffri as the comical psychiatrist is spot on.

Tabu- can she ever go wrong? At 48 she looks sexier and wilder than ever. While she underplays during the comic scenes she gets one breakdown scene wherein she nails it hard, hers is undoubtedly the best act in this ensemble cast.

This is more of the “leave your brain at home” popcorn entertainment variety of romcom. If you try hard to hunt for logic you’ll find a sack full of loopholes and if you watch it like an fairytale you may enjoy the proceedings on screen.

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