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One of my favorite, comedy, action ,romance, good music, strong villains', excellent background score and pace of the movie. Plot is interesting and the journey of shahrukhs character from beginning to end layer by layer is interesting as he comes into his own. Repeat value is fab i have watched this at least 6-7 times and I don't usually watch movies again. If you like Hindi entertainers in their musical comedy romantic avatar then its for you. Very get on the train baby! And yeah i forgot to add that some scenes of this movie are just beautiful. movie has some lovely love story undercurrent that gradually peaks actually their is some heart in this movie for sure!

chennai express full movie download hd 1080p hindi

This movie was okay, but definitely not my favorite. The biggest problem for me was that there was not a good chemistry between Deepika and SRK and I could also tell that SRK was way older than Deepika which made the story seem weird. The plot itself was not terrible, but there are better rom coms than this one that still show the message of how 2 people from different Indian cultures come together and unite because of love. The songs were really good and I think they were the best part of the movie. The story just did not seem very unique. I would recommend a one time watch just to see it, but I don't think I will watch it again.

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