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By - Hindi Dubbed Movie | January 12, 2021 (22 Views)

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What a gem of a movie this was! I felt it was an absolute masterclass at film making, acting, screenplay. I had a smile plastered on my face throughout the run of the movie (except the scenes towards the end and you will understand why once you see the movie).

It is as pure as a movie can get. It's as if the honesty with which the film maker has made the movie come across to us in each frame. The characters are believable and seem rooted in reality. They are the everyday people who we come across but never know the story that made them who they are. The casting is spot on and deserves a loud round of applause. Right from the youngest love story there's careful detailing of the cast, the time that they are set in.

c/o kancharapalem full movie

To be honest it's just another love story (stories) so there's no guessing the end of it but the journey that these characters take, the situations that they are put in what makes this film truly beautiful. The women in all the stories have been portrayed beautifully, the obstacles that they face are true even in today's times. They are truly bold and beautiful :-)

Give this movie a chance and I'm sure it will end up changing the way we look at cinema. It has got it's heart in the right place and you'll simply end up loving it.

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