Bree Runway – ATM ft. Missy Elliott Video MP4 & Audio MP3

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‘ATM’ - OUT NOW! Taken from ‘2000AND4EVA’ listen here: #ATM #OfficialVideoHook 1 ATM AT AT M ATM AT AT M ATM AT AT M Push my button, my button againVerse 1 Met a guy from England He was flying first class straight to Japan Said he wanna take me real higher But I know he really only want my vagina Swipe swipe that’s my language Only rock with a nigga that can handle it You know what I need And there ain’t nobody finer Shoes, top, skirt, bling, purse all designerTough bitch but my ass soft He said I look like a painting by Van Gogh Ain’t gotta talk too much, boy you know wassup Pretty bitch, chocolate, like some D'usse And I stay on his mind like a toupee I don’t really worry about getting too deep Cause he really know how to work that machineHook 2 ATM AT AT M ATM AT AT M ATM AT. AT M Push my button, my button again X2Missy Elliott Verse 1 Met this dude in west palm beach He was so fine asked could he call me Yeh probably if you spend your money If you don’t get a job, get the hell up off me Hopped on my vacation cruise my type of boo them Jamaican dudes Him like yea come here girl let me show you a move So I can boom boom boom you across the room…like Party Party POP it POP it put some cash all in my deposit Make it shoot out boom out like a rocket Oh wait a minute, I’m so Nasty… yh Let me work that work that Misdemeanour all in her bag that’s Birken Show time, open up the curtain I’m a classy chick y’all birds still chirping Whoop Whoop ya’ll birds still chirpin I got so much drip you can see me SurfinOutro / Hook ATM AT AT M ATM AT AT M ATM AT. AT M Push my button, my button again X2Wine your body low Make him spend some more Ain’t nothing personal…ATM AT AT M ATM AT AT M ATM AT. AT M Push my button, my button again ATM AT AT M ATM AT AT M ATM AT. AT M Push my button, PleaseATM AT AT M ATM AT AT M ATM AT AT MCredits: Director - Lucrecia Taormina Executive Producer - Luke Tierney Producer - Joseph Goldman Production Company - FRIEND Production Manager - Ash Teague Production Assistant - Rosie Hill Production Assistant - Joe Coulson Commissioner - Anique Cox Commissioner - James Hackett 1st AD - Jack Green 2nd AD - Emma Chenery DOP - Nico Poulsson Trinity Op - Charlie Rizek Focus Puller - Ali Baines Loader - Josh Tilly Camera Trainee - Callum Lloyd James Rigger - Shane Aldred Gaffer - Steve Cameron Desk Op - Oliver Martin Spark - Shaun Clarke Spark - Laurent Arnold Spark - Jon Prentice Spark - Sanjay Mistry Art Director - Elizabeth El-Khadi Brown Art Assistant - Oliver Cassels Art Assistant - Isabella Brazier - Jones Art Assistant - Oliver Thom Choreographer - Kash Powell Styling - Holly Adamwhite Styling Assistant - Frankie Tyler Bree Make Up Artist - Paige Cole Bree Hair Artist - Seraiah Hair Artistry Dancers MUA - Andrea Gomez Anzola Dancers Hair Artist - Venner Huggings Dancers Nail Artist -Yasmine Elkawil Dancers Nail Artist Assistant - Nichole Williams VFX Supervisor - Mark VFX Supervisor - Dominik Covid Coordinator - Julien CornwallCast Dancer - Chante Simpson Dancer - Shani Ross Dancer - Keoni Hayles ATM Head - Ali El-Khodary ATM Head - Del Dumashie ATM Head - Gershom Brown ATM Head - Mauri Carod ATM Head - Zakariya HajjajPost VFX Artist - Steve Hawken VFX Artist - Mark Gregory VFX Post House - Primary VFX Edit - Meg Thorne Edit Producers: Maggie McDermott & Ruth Minkley SFX Designer - Seb Bruen Colourist - Luke Morrison Post Producer: Oliver Whitworth Post House - ETC Online - Phil Wood

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