5 Steps to Becoming a Successful DJ

Successful DJs will tell you it’s through their passion for music and beats, but let’s face it money is always a great motivation. Although becoming successful in DJing is not an overnight success learning to match your own musical expressions with the desires of your audience will certainly get you there. Learning to be observant, emphatic and reactive to your audience will help you in matching beats from scratch. Success in the DJing business takes work, hustle and time, it’s not difficult to start but it is difficult to stand out and be exceptional. Here are some steps you can use now as a DJ and become successful.

  1. Upload Mixes

    As a DJ you already have some mixes ready for your audience, one of the best ways to get exposure is by uploading mixes on sharing platforms. Youtube, mixcloud, soundcloud, mixzote are just but a few sharing platforms you can use. Uploading mixes on sharing platforms extends your reach to an audience that appreciates your type of music synergy, increased shares equals increased audience exposure.

  2. Social Media Presence

    In this digital age you need to be engaging your fans at all angles, social media is one of them. Facebook, instagram, twitter and many more platforms with millions of followers can greatly help you sell your skill. The best way to use such platforms is by sharing your latest mixes, holding live DJ parties and sharing original content.

  3. Create a professional Image

    Professional DJs with an already presence are able to ask for more money that amateurs. You need to set yourself up as a professional DJ by taking professional images with your machines. You will be better placed to market and monetize your skill to the highest bidder. If possible get a photo shoot with your mix machines this shows your target market you mean business and its more professional.  

  4. Monetize your craft

    Start small is always the first type of advice you will get, small gigs can easily spiral into your next big act. Birthdays, in-house parties and company parties are great places to start, they offer a ready audience. During such parties no matter how small ensure you do your best and expect referrals from the audience.

  5. Listen to other people mixes

    Now that you are getting experience and exposure hone your skills by listening to other peoples mixes. This will help you as you create your own mixes and learn to DJ for different audiences. Learn to be versatile with your music and your career will flourish as your skills advance.

Finally as a DJ, never stop learning or improving your skill, you need to figure out your audience. Reading the crowd allows you to predict and react to your audience. In addition know your even play music fit for your crowd and event, this means learning about the demographic in the event. To become successful you need to find music that reflects your unique taste.

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